Business Mission

10. Ms Aster Chung met with Islamic Republic of Iran Governor and exchange experience related to environmental protection and management.

11. Ms Aster Chung visit Swiss famours watch manufacturer and talked with them.

12. Ms Aster Chung visit famous jewellery company in Poland Warsaw.

13. Ms Aster Chung visit embassy of People Republic of China in the Islamic Republic of Iran and talk with the ambassador.

14. Ms Aster Chung visit the Seiko watch company in Japan and talk with them.

15. Ms Aster Chung visit Citizen watch company in Japan and talk with them.

16. Interview by web-site and award for High Quality Supplier

17. Attend the 29th Watch & Clock Fair in China and take photo with Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association member

18. Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association Share successful experience with Jack Ma and take photo with him
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