Ms Aster Chung atttend the International Commercial Brand Strategic Discussion Meeting to make a speech

Ms Aster Chung visit an e-commerce company and give a speech to them.

Ms Aster Chung visit Vietnam and gave a speech at the meeting of local industrial and commerical entrepreneur.

Ms Aster Chung give a speech at Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association 2016 meeting.

Ms Aster Chung accompany with TDC went to Tokyo to give a speech.

Ms Aster Chung give a speech at the 2016 Hong Kong Outstanding Internet Business Contest.

Ms Aster Chung talk and give a speech to the netrepreneurs of Alibaba.

Ms Aster Chung share experience and talk with other Alibaba netrepreneurs.

Ms Aster Chung share her experience and talk with different industrial and commerical entrepreneur.